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What?? No posts in three years? What's up with that?!? The visual here tells the story of how much work it has been to finish The Jekyll Island Chronicles. The finished trilogy tells the tale of extent of the number of scenes, pages, and panels it took to make not just one book but three. When you're spending just about every free minute completing the 192-page last chapter of your trilogy, you have to focus. So that's what we've been doing versus posting on the blog. Remember, two of the three of us still have day jobs! Here's at least part of what we have done since we last posted: Secure...

Book 2: Arm Cast Podcast interview

One of the things we LOVE to do is talk with interested folks about what's coming up with The Jekyll Island Chronicles. When a book is getting ready to hit stores, it seems like that's all you do. If "location, location, location" is the mantra for real estate folks, "promote, promote, promote" is for authors with a book launching. A couple months ago we were able to sit down with our friend Armand Rosamilia with the Arm Cast Podcast and talk about the process and final product for Book Two of JIC: A Devil's Reach. You can listen to it here: http://armcast.projectentertainment.libsynpro.c...

SDCC 2018

Going to San Diego for Comic Con is a bit of an enigma. Yes, you are AT the greatest comic/entertainment convention in the country. Yes, you have a chance to see thousands of people. And, finally, yes, you have a chance to sell and sign books for fans. All of that is on the plus side. But make no mistake, this is REALLY hard work that takes a ton of coordination and logistical prep. Just getting our Jekyll crew across the country is a feat of preparation and execution. For the Nedvidek family (our grown children--and now our daughter-in-law too--are the cosplay characters from JIC), car...

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