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Interview on Téssera Guild

One of the authors of The Jekyll Island Chronicles, Steve Nedvidek, had the opportunity to be interviewed by John McGuire of Téssera Guild. Téssera is a guild with all kinds of downloadable content, art, interesting blogs, and other comic book or art related freebies. Read the interview below: John: How long have you been creating/working in comics? Steve: There are three of us in this endeavor and we all have been either reading or making comics since we were kids. I (Steve) used to sit in my room and draw my own versions of Spider-man and the Fantastic Four. Our actual jobs are all doing d...

The Jekyll Island Chronicles Being Used In Education

One of the reasons why The Jekyll Island Chronicles is such a unique graphic novel series is how well it incorporates U.S. and World History into its plot. While it is fiction, there is so much historical fact in the story arc taking place between WWI and WWII. Not only is it jam-packed with action, adventure and superheroes but also provides an educational experience for readers that focuses on an era that seems to get less and less appreciation and recognition. The authors of The Jekyll Island Chronicles always envisioned the book to be a prime candidate for creative teachers to use in the c...

Thank You For Your Service

At the end of 2017, the authors of the Steampunk comic book series The Jekyll Island Chronicles (Steve Nedvidek, Ed Crowell, and Jack Lowe) teamed up with Don Barden, CEO of 3Ci, and Dominique Wilkins of the Atlanta Hawks for an extraordinary collaboration. In this partnership, 140 of The Jekyll Island Chronicles: A Machine Age War books were given to Army Rangers for Christmas. It all started in middle school when author Jack Lowe and Don Barden became friends. They were passionate about comics growing up – they loved talking, drawing and even writing them for fun. This friendship made its ...

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