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The Award-Winning Jekyll Island Chronicles!

Awards can be good things, especially to help you build a following. And now we have won our second one! Admittedly, our first one was a small one given to us at last year’s ComicCon (but still meaningful to us—thank you San Diego Starburners!). The second one is pretty significant and we are very grateful for it. Our book was on the list from the Georgia Center for the Book as being one of the 2017 Top 10 Books Every Young Georgian Should Read!! What a tremendous honor! Moms and Dads, be aware. Our book isn’t for young kids. But since it’s a graphic novel, it goes into the younger ca...

JIC: The Video Interview

We had a great opportunity recently to be on camera together with Titania Jordan with 3Ci’s program Connect. She was a great host and spent a lot of time with us, asking a lot of smart questions about The Jekyll Island Chronicles. We give you more interesting perspectives in this interview, as we delve into some of the “why” issues that we worked on this book. If you wanted to see Jack, Ed and Steve live on video telling the tale, this was the first time we did something like this. It’s kinda like our version of an interview in Hall H at ComicCon. But without Hall H. And without ComicCo...

Legacy Effects: Awesome Cosplay from some wonderful friends

Sometimes in life, you run across the coolest people. And the older you get, the more chances you have to find them. Steve ran into Alan Scott many years ago working on a project for his fulltime job. They stayed in contact over the years and developed a friendship. Alan works for Legacy Effects, creators of classic cinema creatures like the Terminator, Predator, the Jurassic Park dinosaurs, Edward Scissorhands, and even the walkers from Avatar and the armor and costumes for Iron Man and the Marvel films. When our book debuted at the 2016 ComicCon, Legacy provided the walking mechanical ...

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Every month we choose one subscriber to give away a FREE digital copy of Jekyll Island Chronicles!

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