SDCC 2018

Going to San Diego for Comic Con is a bit of an enigma. Yes, you are AT the greatest comic/entertainment convention in the country. Yes, you have a chance to see thousands of people. And, finally, yes, you have a chance to sell and sign books for fans. All of that is on the plus side.

But make no mistake, this is REALLY hard work that takes a ton of coordination and logistical prep. Just getting our Jekyll crew across the country is a feat of preparation and execution. For the Nedvidek family (our grown children--and now our daughter-in-law too--are the cosplay characters from JIC), carrying all of our costumes, meant 12 checked bags and 2 Uber XLs just to exit the airport. Hats off the troupe for having the stamina to get up and put in 5 hours of work/prep/dressing/undressing for a 1 hour book signing! Like I said, it takes a lot of work. But, we were able to have interviews with SyFy and the CEEK network (pictured here) and I imagine the kids had thousands of photos made with them as the centerpieces. Plus, we SOLD OUT of the books our publisher brought, which meant we couldn't even work our last shift because we had no more product.

So, yes, it is a ton of fun. And yes, it is a ton of work. And yes, we do this all over again in Manhattan in October when WE WILL FINALLY HAVE BOOK 2 IN HAND!!

So, yes, it is worth it.

NYCC, here we come...


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