Meet The Creators

This project was created by the Lost Mountain Mechanicals: three working grown-ups, all with families and all with careers, who just decided to do something different. They take the name "mechanicals" from the Shakespearean reference in "A Midsummer Nights Dream":  working men trying desperately to do something creative.

Steve Nedvidek has worked in film, radio, television, and on the stage, receiving his master's degree in Theatre from Wake Forest University, where he now is an adjunct instructor. He recently retired from his corporate job of thirty years, where he had roles in communications, marketing, and teaching innovation. He is a published cartoonist, avid model maker, and writer residing in the Atlanta suburbs with his wife. He has three children--and is now a proud grandfather!

Ed Crowell holds advanced degrees in political science and international affairs. He is an executive at a non-profit and writer with dozens of published articles. Ed and his wife, Cynthia, love to travel. A lifelong fan of science fiction and fantasy, he and his wife have two children and are planning a wedding for their daughter in 2021.

Jack Lowe is a student of film making and themed entertainment. A passionate storyteller with a bent toward immersive, multi-sensory experiences, Jack leads a team of people planning training experiences for a large, international company in Georgia. He, his wife, three children, and pets live in on the shoulder of Kennesaw Mountain, outside of Atlanta.

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