Thank You For Your Service

At the end of 2017, the authors of the Steampunk comic book series The Jekyll Island Chronicles (Steve Nedvidek, Ed Crowell, and Jack Lowe) teamed up with Don Barden, CEO of 3Ci, and Dominique Wilkins of the Atlanta Hawks for an extraordinary collaboration. In this partnership, 140 of The Jekyll Island Chronicles: A Machine Age War books were given to Army Rangers for Christmas.

It all started in middle school when author Jack Lowe and Don Barden became friends. They were passionate about comics growing up – they loved talking, drawing and even writing them for fun. This friendship made its way through high school, college and even post-graduation when they attended each other’s weddings. When the authors of Jekyll Island Chronicles began creating the first book in the comic book series, A Machine Age War, Barden was very enthusiastic and supportive. He was a huge contributor to their Kickstarter campaign, which the authors started to raise funds for book one. He continued to be one of the biggest fans of this indie comic book startup because he always wanted to be able to write comics. Steve, Ed, and Jack were living his comic book dreams.

Being so interested in their story, Barden invited the Jekyll Island authors into the 3Ci offices to film an episode of Connect. This YouTube series, run by tech expert Titania Jordan, focuses on Atlanta’s most innovative and progressive tech talent. Jordan uses this platform to feature entrepreneurs who are doing exciting things in Atlanta. To watch this interview and hear more about the story of how The Jekyll Island Chronicles started, click here.

The passion team behind Jekyll Island Chronicles continued to build when Barden brought Dominique Wilkins into the mix. Hall-of-Famer Dominique Wilkins is now the Atlanta Hawks' Vice President of Basketball, Special Advisor to the CEO, and as a bonus, a business partner with Don Barden. Barden and Wilkins began their partnership when they discovered their shared passion for connecting minorities with jobs in Atlanta. Cultivating this partnership with Wilkins was a no-brainer for Barden. They came together to organize a special event for the 140 Army Rangers – bring them to an Atlanta Hawks basketball game and give them each a copy of The Jekyll Island Chronicles: A Machine Age War. Inspiring collaborations such as these are what brings the Atlanta community together.

The JIC team is so grateful to be a part of this fantastic opportunity. Not only for showing support for our heroes in service, but the heroes in The Jekyll Island Chronicles: A Machine Age War as well. The authors hope to continue to engage with the military and veterans’ communities in meaningful ways. To all of our military, thank you for your service in protecting our country and everything you do for us.

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